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The International Association for Disaster Preparedness and Response (DERA) is a membership organization founded in 1962 as a nonprofit association linking professionals, volunteers, and organizations active in all phases of disaster preparedness and emergency management. DERA remains an independent, nongovernmental organization (NGO) with dual missions of professional support and disaster service.

We have active members around the world and invite you to obtain the benefits of membership while sharing your knowledge, skills, and abilities to help those in need.

DERA provides professional support, resource-sharing, leadership opportunities and professional networking for members and is actively involved in providing critical emergency assistance in response to several recent disasters. Click here for more information about membership and supporting our mission. If you share our interest in emergency management and disaster preparedness, we would welcome you as a member.

DERA Disaster Mission Support:

Most current activities are available through the DERA Online Disaster Operations Center.

DERA members have been leading, mentoring, and diligently serving in all areas of disaster preparedness, response and recovery for more than 40 years. As technical experts and community leaders, our members have worked together to build stronger defenses against disasters by improving planning, communications and logistics, reducing risks and mitigating hazards, conducting community preparedness programs, and by sponsoring emergency response missions.

As a prominent international professional association, our membership is composed of key leaders in the field of emergency management from around the world, including key government officials, volunteers, consultants, business managers, researchers, educators, students and wide range of charitable groups. Everyone working for DERA is an unpaid volunteer. We depend on initiative, teamwork and resourcefulness of our members to develop and manage all our programs.

DERA also maintains an extensive online archive, a reference library, and digital editions of our quarterly newsletter for the public. Please click here to view publications and the archives.


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